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Are your properties plagued with too many vacancies or high turn-over?  Market research will provide a comparison of your current leasing programs against other similar properties and find discrepancies, room for improvement, and offer suggestions.  Leasing programs should be designed to increase asset value, grow cash flow, lessen carrying costs all while remaining competitive in the local market.

A full market analysis will provide a list of comparable properties to ensure you are attracting the right tenants to your property.  The following strategies will assist in finding the right tenants.

Leasing Process

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Slide The Triple Net Investor ebook Cover The Triple Net Investor
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
To Net Lease Properties
Single-tenant net-leased properties are some of today’s most desired commercial real-estate investments. Stable long-term income, high appreciation, and few maintenance requirements have helped make these properties highly prized. The combination of high demand and little inventory has limited the acquisition of these properties to very high-net-worth individuals and investment institutions.

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Slide 12 Tips for Strategic Commercial Real Estate Transactions 12 Tips for Strategic
Commercial Real Estate
Twelve amazing tips that will help you value your property, lease vacant space, and find the perfect location for your business.

• Establish a pricing strategy
• Understand investors’ points of interest
• Know your market
• Attracting tenants
• Lease vs. Buy
• Much more!
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