I wrote The Triple Net Investor for five reasons:

Reason One: Commercial-real-estate investing has long been a closed-door good-old-boy network. Unless you have family members or close friends who are active in the commercial-real-estate market, it’s just not something you even think about.

Most people have never heard of triple-net properties and would not even know where to begin to start learning about investing. Many people remain stuck, dealing with burdensome residential and multifamily properties. I am pulling back the curtains and letting the average investor learn about these unique opportunities that we only usually reserve for our private clients at my real-estate company, The Urban Commercial Group.

Reason Two: I have over a decade of experience in commercial-real-estate investment sales and syndication. Over the course of this period, I have helped hundreds of successful investors purchase hundreds of millions of dollars in income-producing properties.

Reason Three: The commercial real estate market is exploding. Hundreds of properties are being traded in private off-market deals. Properties that are listed on the market are being sold in days and are receiving multiple offers. 1031 exchange buyers, institutional and even foreign investors are buying commercial properties for record-high prices.

Reason Four: Commercial real estate is the one area where equity crowdfunding has experienced tremendous success. According to the Wall Street Journal, over one billion dollars has been invested in US commercial real estate through crowdfunding.

Reason Five: I have seen so many property owners pass on incredible opportunities to build generational wealth simply because they lack information about commercial real estate investing. These property owners think they are doing the “smart thing” by holding on to the prop­erty. In many cases. the property is not producing any significant income. Sometimes the property is produc­ing no income at all. It is so sad to hear these property owners say, “I can just hold onto it for my kids.” They would be far better off to sell the property and reinvest the proceeds, tax-free, into income-producing property of higher value.